Tuesday, August 31, 2010

GREEN is now my favourite colour!

Long time no blogging! We have visitors from our beloved Quebec province of ours this past few weeks, that is the reason why I've been neglecting my sweet blog of mine! But you know what happens beside the fact that we've been complete tourist in our new area, (and it cost us a lot of money) is that I've been cheating on my eat to live diet...Bouhou! So the result of the bad behaviour: I gained 2 pounds! OMG! BUT, let me reassure you ( and myself for that matter!) that everything is back to normal and I lost that 2 frustrating vacations pounds and I'm down another 2, yourrai!!! So now:

weight: 118 lbs
hips: 36 1\2
waist: 27 and 31
arms: 10
thighs: 20 1\2

Not bad! Slowly but surely ! I'm in my 5 week with the running room as well and everything going pretty good with the motivation of my amazing group. I will be running a small 2 K on Labor day in Oakville...Will see how it goes but I'm so exited, first race EVER! Wish me luck!

I've been reading a lot of book on veganism and raw food and I decided to put more raw in my food intake. Especially, the green monster juice first thing in the morning. I bought that juicer:

It"s been more than a week that I cut my cafe in the morning and this is my new thing, I Love it! It's not the best one in town but for a rookie , it's perfect! Let me tell you that with the green juice in the morning I don't miss caffeine at all. I got so much more energy it is unbelievable! This is what I usually put in my juicer, I name it Georges!

And this is the result:

I play a lot theses days with raw recipe like this zucchinis pasta:
I will definitely post some more Raw recipes since summer is so abundant with fresh local fruits and vegetables. I see my life in green and I'm loving every minutes of it! And another great thing: my kids are eating a lot more veggies and they just dig my almond milk,strawberries and bananas smoothie! Here is a picture of me and my kids down in Niagara falls last week. we had such a wonderful day, we walked a lot and have a blast at wonderlands with the belugas! Having kids it"s the best thing to keep your child heart , I never have a day without laughing with them! Love you my sweet M&M duo ( M&M stand for: Mia 4 and Malik 20 months)

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