Thursday, August 5, 2010

eat to live and run for life

I have to be more discipline with my dearest blog of mine, but i have a great excuse for my lack of consistency ; my mother and big sister were here to visit me last week! My mother turn 70 years old and we celebrated her birthday, here in Mississauga! I think that she give me the greatest gift ever, to be able to enjoy a girls night out at the famous Ruth Criss steakhouse...Hold on, are you suppose to be vegan? Well yes, but i managed to order the grilled Portobello dinner plate with full veggies and it was so yummy! What can i say, my mom just love a good steak and we can refuse that to a 70 years old woman, can we ? Right?

Change of heart, i've been reading a lot on the vegan way of life and i know that most of you probably lose weight tremendously on this way of eating but for me, it is not the case at all. I've never been so alive, full of energy but the number on the scale seem to have reach a "plateau" , can't seem to get my weight down rggg! I'm so lazy, i admit it, rather read than run 1 miles, never been the sportive type of gal...But i decide to push myself even more. I so want to be healthy, in shape, stronger and liner like i use to be, before my 2 pregnancy. So starting tomorrow; i'll be doing the EAT TO LIVE diet by M.D. Fuhrman. I will let you know my personal diary on that diet (with before and after pics of course, at the end!)

Yesterday, i also register myself to the learning how to run clinic here, at the Runner's room, in Mississauga. My goal is to run the 5K race on the Scotiabank Toronto event end of september 2010. The clinic is on for 10 weeks and the coach said that for sure, the group will be able to complete that race without any doubt...WOW, I can't wait to see that! I always stat something with the greatest motivation but after a couples of days, I usually quit...With the group, I think it will be much easier for me. I let myself down so many times before and I really want to change that. It is harder to let down an entire group right?! And you, do you struggle with lack of motivation, self-confidence? Come on, share your thoughts, don't be shy!


  1. Sorry to hear you're not going to stick with The Kind Diet. I was looking forwards to having a buddy doing it with me. I lost 3 pounds in 2 weeks and have plateaued. Mostly because of stress * and stress eating* but I haven't given in and I know I'll get past this.

    I totally struggle with a lack of motivation. You'll notice my blog gets neglected as well. I'm usually gung ho in the beginning but do fade off after a while. i have found that having a buddy helps to keep me accountable.

    I've stuck with The Kind Diet for almost a week now and I love it. I had started to eat vegetarian after reading Angela's blog about a month ago but didn't stick with it fully as I wasn't educated enough on what that choice would mean.

    Good luck with the group training.

  2. Tanya, I will be your buddy if you want! I'm still doing the kind diet but for the next six weeks, I will be doing recipes that will fit the eat to live diet, witch is completely vegan avoiding dairy products, animal products, fruit juice and between meals snack. Basically eating lots of fresh salads, veggies, fruits ( but no juice) and tofu and beans! I just want to see if I can lose a few pounds controlling my bread and pasta consummation! I just love the KD so much that can't not see myself letting that one down! You are so right, it is so much more easier to stuck with your goal when you have somebody to share it with! Keep in touch!

  3. Salut Nancy! Bien contente de découvrir une nouvelle 'blogueuse' du Québec en Ontario comme moi! (Je suis entre Missisauga et Toronto...) C'est Angela de Oh She Glows qui m'a parlé de ton site.
    Ah tu vas voir, les cliniques du running room c'est génial! Mets ton 'focus' sur le progrès que tu fais avec chaque classe et tu vas voir que c'est surprenant - d'une fois à l'autre ton corps est capable d'en faire de plus en plus - tout un feeling :)
    En tous les cas, bienvenue dans le monde du blog santé :) J'ai bien hâte de voir comment tu trouves le 'eat to live' j'en avais pas entendu parlé...

  4. Salut Cinemarie! Wow, je suis vraiment contente de faire ta connaissance dans ce monde peuple d'anglophones!!! Angela est vraiment cool, son blog est tres inspirant et elle est vraiment resplendissante en personne! Je suis vraiment exicite par ce defi de courir ce 5 k a Toronto, je vais garder tes paroles en memoire lorsque je vais manquer de motivation! Felicitation en passant pour la venue prochaine de cinebaby! Maintenant, ton blog est dans mes favoris, frenchy blogueuse!