Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm back!

Hello !

Yes, I'm back! Did you miss me? I sure did miss blogging and to be honest, I think that i needed that time to refocus, recenter myself and going forward with what is really crucial for me, right now: being completly honest, always be truthfull of who you are and admitting that somewhere along the way, you CAN do mistakes, having poor judgment, making bad decisions but, like they say, what doesn't kill, will make you stronger right! Is really what you do with theses situations that will really mathers...

little explanation

I've been (especially during the holidays) confronted with my choice of being a vegan. As you might know, I'm originaly from Montreal, Quebec and it is in our family's culture to eat, hunt and be gratefull for gooooood fleshy meat stuff! So, when the holidays hits home, is all about tradition. And traditionaly, there is no place for a vegan!

Don't get me wrong, they all accept and support my new way of eating but would they adapt their meals, as a majority, for my own little moi..? The concept of veganism is still obscur for some of them and still a bit confusing as they still think that a vegan an a vegetarian is basically the same thing, except the first one is a real snob!!! They did have a lot of vegetarians options thought: dip & veggies, cheeses, nachos, eggs salad sandwichs etc. But, nothing 100% vegan...

It is hard for me to say, but I went off the wagon

And since my blog's name is vegan zone, you can imagine my hesitation and lack of enthousiasm to blog again having theses facts over my head....I must say that I didn't actually ate any meat but was well aware of the chicken broth use to cook the veggies and sauce that they poor over my pasta, well aware of milk in my cafe and all the pieces of cheese along the way. And don't even ask me about the multiplication of non-vegan deserts....! Well, there you have it, I felt awfull and it took me awhile to figure it all out:

That is ok to not be perfect (and what is perfect anyway!)

I think that all of the people around me, I was the one putting all this pressure of being an examplery vegan who doesn't cheat and who's completily committed to this life style.

But the truth is :

I realised that i'm so much more than an etiquette. I can't resume myself to one. As an individual, we are so much more than one thing. I love so many things and my blog should honor all of them. I'm commited to a healthy lifestyle, and if being vegan is right now the path that i choose, so be it. Struggles happens along the road to test the main raison you commited yourself to a belief, a way of living. And despite all the management of preping, searching and cooking recipes for a family who eat meat and vegan food ; my heart is now clear of any dark cloud.

I can't change the fact that this way of eating make me fell: ALIVE!

I shall remain vegan but without any pressure of anykind.

Just pleasure...Pure delight of discovering new positivity and awesomeness!

So here we go again folks, vegan-zone is back, back with more fearless content and of course,

a new peace of mind!