Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Insanity week 1 done!

Hello folks!

Well, now I can definitely say that I manage to do week 1 of Shaun T Insanity workout. All I can say is that DVD, for sure, is the most difficult workout EVER!

I'm literally sweating bucket of sweat here, no jokes peoples, It really lives up to the name...

Yesterday was our day off and it was well deserve. I can see a big difference though in my endurance and capability to cope with soreness compare to the first 3 days of this regime. I have so much more energy that it can be sort of a small problem because I can't go to sleep for a few hours and it cuts off my 8 hours sleep a night. We do the workout around 7h30-8 pm and we go to bed around 10h-10h30 pm so my brain is not on a sleepy mode just yet! Despite that small detail, me and M.O.M are feeling a lot more stronger and are still motivated as hell to continue on this insane journey.

Will continue again tonight with week 2 of Insanity with the cardio & endurance workout, will let you know the details of it tomorrow!

Am I crazy if I incorporate a half marathon training at the same time as Insanity? Is it to much to add 3 runs a week and have 6 days of insanity....? I really want to be able to run my half in is been 2 weeks since I last run 8 miles and if I do not want to lose all the training prior to my flu and the insanity challenge, I have to run in some way right...?!!?

I don't know! I think that I have to organise my schedule so i don't injure myself and go slow on the running at the beginning till the 60 days of insanity done.

Will really love to hear your thoughts about that!

Have a fantastic day !

Open your mind to new possibilities and say yes more often, that will lift up your spirit!

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  1. Welcome back (I realize it's been a few weeks You were missed.

    I haven't heard of the Insanity program before. I'm still working on Jillian Michaels 6 week 6 pack. But I'm not being consistent with it :(

    Glad your holiday was good and wtg stepping above the choices you made. i still have a little cheese here and there and hey I even splurged in Ice Cream yesterday but like you said you have to move forwards and enjoy life.