Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hail to the Beef!

Becoming a Vegan happen right after i read the Kind Diet book by Alicia Silverstone. Before moving here, in Ontario (originally from Quebec, so be kind to your new Frenchie friend!), 3 months ago, my ex-collegues from work gave me a Chapters gift certificate which a use ,in part, on this KD book. I was intrigue by the title. Though i always like Alicia Silverstone over the years, i never flirt or at least consider becoming even a vegetarian! But, let me tell you, when a book speak to you in a way that you can't ignore the facts anymore...Well, the KD book was the ONE that change me!

Every single descriptions of the symptoms that Alicia felt before switching to the super hero Vegan diet, was the EXACT same thing that have been feelings for years now! So i said to myself that night ( cause i read the entire book in one shot), what will be the cost for me to give it a try, to embrace that way of life for at least one week...Nothing right! So i did and never look back.

The morning after, i went to the grocery store to buy some vegan stuff. I was a big milk drinker before so i turn to soy milk...First sip, eurkkkk! Oh boy! That's gonna be harder than i thought. But, i really was ready to commit myself for that 7 days goal. But what happens? After that week, i tasted again that soy milk, and it was amazing! My taste buds probably rejuvenate themselves or something..I mean, everything i ate was now completely delicious! And the most important change was the level of energy that i gained. OH MY GOD! till this day, i feel like my early 20's!!!

My M.O.M. ( Man Of Mine!) even thought that it will be probably a phase and just a few days into veganism will be enough to go back to put beef in my plate...He actually is proud of me, proud that i stick to my decision and principles.

I am still cooking meat for the rest of my family. I'm a mother of 2 awesome toddlers and still passionately in love with their father. But sometimes, i found it hard to be vegan surrounding by meat lovers! Especially cooking it!

And for you out there , do you live a similar situation at home?


  1. Bonjour Nancy. Je viens d'Ontario, mais j'ai demenagé à Québec. :)
    I read The Kind diet as well and it got me thinking. I don`t know if I would go vegan but I`m cutting back drastically on meat. Congrats on your decision.

  2. Tu vas adoree le Quebec si tu es passionnee de bonne bouffe! In witch area are you now located? If you need any tip at all, let me know, it will be my pleasure to help you out with anything! Glad to see that the Kind diet as a positive effect on must people! Keep in touch!